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Zen AF Yoga – Yoga Uncorked

Friday, February 21st @ 6:30pm-8pm

Zen AF: Where the peace of yoga and stress of everyday life enter your soul and cage fight…

Ladies (and any men who are brave enough to join),
have you ever left work not even sure if you can ever return, sat in non-moving rush hour traffic, received a call from your oldest that their semester project is due the next day and they have had 3 months to work on it and they haven’t started yet, only to return home to organize a dinner everyone complains about and what does it all matter: you missed your yoga class anyway because the dog got out and it took you and three neighbors to catch it. Not to mention while you were looking for the dog you saw that someone sideswiped your car. Do I even need to go on?

ZEN AF Yoga embraces our everyday WTF moments and combines the batshit crazy banshee who resides deep inside our souls with the peaceful, coexistence loving yogi that just asks for people to do their damn job AND learn how to MF*n drive, for kids to do their homework, significant others that pick up around the house, dinners that cook themselves, and for EVERYONE TO LEAVE THEM THE F*CK ALONE when they are trying to get to yoga. Ever felt this way? This might be the class for you.

ZEN AF Yoga: Drinking is optional but encouraged. So is the yoga.

Class Cost: $25 includes yoga, libations, and a soap from Sugar Magnolia Botanicals!