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Celebrate with Unity Yoga & Wellness along with Hot 4 Yoga Edwardsville the full return of our day star and longest day of the year!
Come and breath in sequence as we practice 108 sun-salutations at THE CAHOKIA MOUNDS STATE HISTORIC SITE.
We will brake up the 108 into sets of 27 and the sequence will be set to live drumming provided by Mark Biehl.
Modifications will be offered for ALL LEVELS
We Begin promptly at 7:00am to the rising sun! Bring your mat, towel and water bottle
Cost: $20.00

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

When: Friday, September 20th

Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Serving and supporting the prenatal community is an area many professionals are interested in but few feel confident in doing. Expectant mothers are often unsure how to modify their regular practice to accommodate their evolving body.

This workshop is for teachers, expectant mothers, doulas and midwives. This workshop will provide the tools to understand what areas of the prenatal body need consideration in order to provide safe and effective practices for yourself, students and/or clients.

In this workshop you will learn:
• Fundamental anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body including hormonal, spinal and pelvic changes.
• About the pelvis, pelvic floor & core and their essential role in prenatal movement and pelvic health.
• About diastasis recti and how certain poses can cause further abdominal damage and which ones are safe to do.
• Breathing techniques for pregnancy.
• Common contraindications associated with pregnancy.
• Common conditions associated with pregnancy.
• Accessible yoga for prenatal students based on common conditions and contraindications.
• How to put it all together.

Price: $45
NO Refunds
NO Transfers

3 CEC’s available for Yoga Alliance

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