Perinatal Yoga

Weekly Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Classes

Unity Yoga offers weekly prenatal and postnatal yoga classes in O’fallon, IL with our experienced resident pre/postnatal yoga instructor, Jessica Harper. This supportive and encouraging environment can help new and expectant mothers strengthen their bodies and minds as they prepare for the demands of motherhood. All classes are tailored to the abilities and experience of the students making them accessible for everyone. 

Our prenatal/postnatal yoga classes are limited to 5 students for better individualized attention. Because of the small class size, advanced registration is required. If you have made a reservation, and cannot make the class, we ask you to cancel your reservation at least two hours before class time to make space for other students. Students who make a reservation and do not cancel two hours prior or who do not attend their reserved class, will have their class deducted from their package as if they had attended.

Prenatal/Postnatal Flow

This class is more active and links breath to movement providing a stronger practice than a gentle class. This class will increase strength, endurance and focus necessary for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Classes also provide a strategy based approach that preserves and optimizes core and pelvic floor health through pregnancy and beyond. Classes are good for all trimesters of pregnancy and up to 12 months postpartum. These classes are good for the beginner and advanced student.

*This class is a Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga mix. How does Postnatal work? You receive specialized instruction during class to maximize the exercises for your needs. Please wait at least six weeks post-birth before attending classes. While our classes are accessible and designed for the needs of new moms, we strongly recommend speaking with your doctor or midwife about physical activity before joining us.

Prenatal Yoga: Slow Deep Stretch

This class provides the opportunity for the expectant mother to move through postures slowly. Focus is on gently opening the hips, pelvis, and groin in preparation for childbirth. Attention is also given to the shoulders and back muscles through the use of myofascial release techniques. Towards the end of class, we will nurture mind, body and baby with yin and restorative poses that help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This class is perfect for the beginning mama or mamas who prefer a slower paced class. These classes are good for ALL levels. 

Class Offerings:
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings: Prenatal/Postnatal Flow @ 6 pm
Saturday Mornings: Prenatal Yoga: Slow Deep Stretch @ 9 am
Drop-in Fee: $15
                      $10 for military or student
Other memberships and packages are available.  Sign up online!

*Advanced registration is required for all classes. 

**Class Cancellation Policy: All cancellations made within in 2 hours of class start time and class no-shows will lose that class from their class package or membership.

Privates are available for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Please call Unity at 618-624-1900 or email us at for additional questions and to schedule your private yoga session.