Frequently Asked Questions

At Unity Yoga & Wellness we strive to address your frequently asked questions and create a stress-free and relaxing experience for you.

How early should I arrive at the studio before a class?
All of our classes will start on time.  In order to have time to set up your mat and get situated in the studio, we ask that you arrive about 5-10 minutes early for any given class.  Depending on the time of day and whether the boutique is open, the exterior doors may be locked as well and you might not be able to get into the studio once the class has begun.  Please arrive early enough to avoid this situation.

Do I need to reserve a spot online before coming to class?
Yes, in order to save time when you arrive and to guarantee your place in class, we highly recommend you create a profile in the Mindbody Online system at this link , buy your class card and pre-register for your first class. We also ask that you arrive a little early for class (5 – 10 minutes) so you have time to check-in for your class.

What Should I Bring?
Your yoga mat and a water bottle. Unity provides all the other Yoga props you will need to participate in class at no cost. Although we highly recommend bringing your own yoga mat we do have a few mats you may use at no charge. We also have available a large variety of props. To freshen up after class private showers and dressing room with a complimentary towel service provided

What Class Type is Right for Me?
We have three primary class types at Unity. Get the personal attention you deserve and balanced practice by choosing classes from each of the categories. Not sure what is right for you? Stop in or call at 618-624-1900 to speak with any of our Trained Teachers or Student Care Coordinator.

MIND-ReFresh- Gentle
These classes will focus on MINDful movement. Majority of these classes are at a relatively slower pace and gentle, great for beginners or students who need a more mindful practice where they hold poses longer to balance an active lifestyle.

These classes will focus on Posture (asana) and Breath (pranayama) the 3rd and 4th Limbs of yoga. The majority of these classes are a modified version of the Ashtanga style of yoga which has been past down from India in its attempt to make yoga more accessible to Western students. Classes can be intense and physical and involves synchronizing the breath with movement (vinyasa)

These classes incorporate the 5th 6th 7th and 8th limbs of yoga. They are gentle, relaxing, passive form of yoga that allows students to release the body and expand the mind and feed the spirit. These classes may focus more on breath rather than posture. Even though it is passive, this style can be quite challenging due to the long holds, particularly if your mind/ body is not used to it (slowing down).

Further explanation of our Class Types can be found on the Class Types page of our website.

We also offer private Yoga classes to students who want a one-on-one introduction to Yoga. Having a birthday, shower, or get together, make it a yoga and spa party with a private room to bring in your own refreshments. Please contact us at 618-624-1900 for more information or to schedule your session or celebration!

What is Yoga?
Please refer to the What is Yoga page on our website.

What is Meditation and why do we do it?
Check out these informational videos made by our resident Meditation Guide, Riv Dunn! Introduction to Meditation   Why We Meditate

How can you let us know if you cannot attend a class you have registered for at Unity?
We know that scheduling conflicts, illness, or other commitments may interfere with attendance to a yoga session. Please feel free to call us at 618-624-1900, email us at yogi@UnityYogaAndWellness.com, or login to your account at , click on the ‘My Schedule’ link, scroll through your classes until you find the class you wish to cancel, and click on the ‘Cancel’ link on right side of the description.

Do you have Gift Certificates?
Gift certificates are available on our Mindbody Online system, and can be used towards any of our classes or events. Click our Gift Certificate link to reserve the gift of Yoga & Wellness at Unity.

Still have questions?
Please feel free to call us at 618-624-1900, email us at yogi@UnityYogaAndWellness.com, or send us a message from the Contact page on our website.