Taste of Belly Dance Workshop

Friday, May 19th from 6-7pm. 

We had too much fun last time, so we’re doing it again!

Great for a Girl’s Night Out!

Enjoy the health and fitness benefits of dance while experiencing the music and culture of the Middle East! Belly dance, known as “raqs sharqi” (dance of the East) in Arabic, is a great activity for those who want not just a dance class, but a cultural experience. It’s an opportunity to explore the beautiful music of the Middle East and how it is expressed visually through dance. It’s also a unique and interesting form of exercise that can contribute to improved coordination, flexibility, and muscle tone. And unlike many Western dance forms, students of all body types can enjoy the benefits of belly dance class.

In this taster class, Belly Dance instructor Nisaa will:

Present an overview of the origins of belly dance
Guide you through a series of warm-ups to prepare your body for dancing
Introduce the basic posture and body alignment necessary for belly dance
Break down several of the hip and torso movements that form the foundation of the dance

 Lead you through belly dance combinations to Middle Eastern music!

Always wanted to try? Now’s your chance! Come and experience the art of belly dance!

Stay after class for a complimentary glass sangria!

$20 in advance; $25 day before/day of event.

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