Spring Equinox Chakra Balancing Meditation

Sunday, March 19th (4-5:30pm)

This the perfect opportunity as we approach the Spring Equinox, with equal hours of light and dark, to bring our own internal energy into balance. Using YIN YOGA and SOUND THERAPY we will focus on each chakra starting with the root chakra (which represents our feeling of being grounded) and working our way up to the crown chakra (our ability to be fully connected spiritually.)

We gratefully welcome back Sound Therapist Mark Biehl as he anticipates his new journey and move away from the area.
Please Join Mark at Unity Yoga on the eve before our day star passes over the equator on its journey back north for a meditative balancing practice.  The practice will include a series of Yin Yoga poses (passive poses held for time) and Live Tibetan Healing Bowls, Universal Gong and Indigenous Flute to stimulate and connect with the energy and frequency of each chakra of the energetic body.

Yin practice led by Timi McMillin RYT-500
Healing Sound by Mark Biehl, Certified Sound Therapist.

25$ In Advance
30$ Day Of

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