Tibetan Singing Bowl and Yin Yoga Open Heart Chakra Meditation

Singing Bowl and Yin Yoga

GREEN! the Heart Chakra color of love and the center of your being. UNFOLD the petals of your heart chakra to reveal your seat of compassion for yourself and others. This will be a Yin Practice accompanied by the vibrating sounds of Healing Bowls centered around the heart chakra. Allow yourself to radiate Love and interconnect to all of life!
Yin Yoga opens the body through gently held postures with the support of props ( 2 poses will be done using a partner as props) to allow not only deep physical shifts but also powerful mental and emotional releases, realignment and transformation.
The LIVE radiant sounds of the Healing Bowls, will resonate with the Heart Chakra frequency to expand the area around your heart creating a space of light and openness. The healing vibrations will stimulate the body to help produce the alpha waves that are present in the brain during deep relaxation.
Presented by
Timi McMillin, Yoga Alliance Experienced Yoga Teacher
Mark Biehl, Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner

25$ In Advance
30$ Day Of
2 For 40$ Bring a Friend and save 10$ In Advance AND Phone Reservation ONLY, 624-1900

GREEN the color of love and transformation, the color of growth, life and balance; as well as soothing and calming The heart chakra allows transformation of ego to openess, becoming more loving and compassionate. A place where you can reach beyond yourself and connect with something greater and deeper, finding a more spiritual aspect of yourself. To find balance forming healthy nourishing relationships. Stand tall and radiate openness!